Trinity Medical Transportation

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Ambulatory services are provided for patients who can ambulate but require supervision for safety precautions. Our care oriented staff are trained to assist patients to and from their bedside.

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Wheelchair bound patients are cared for by use of our specially equipped wheelchair vans staffed with one highly trained Medical Transportation Specialist. Our vans are equipped to accommodate various types of wheelchairs, as well as stocked with state of the art equipment.

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Gurney services are provided for bedbound patients who require a means of transportation. Our Gurney vans are staffed with two highly trained Medical Transportation Specialists in order to ensure optimal patient safety.

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Bed-Side to Bed-Side

We strive to provide only the most exceptional service, and thus our job is not complete until the patient has been returned safely to his/her bedside. Patients are escorted by our highly trained staff from their homes, to their appointments, and back to their bedside, at which time, our unit clears only after the patient has been safely returned.

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